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Weekly monitoring alerts of significant changes to your Experian Credit Report.
• Free copy of your Credit Report from Experian.
• Option to purchase your Experian Credit Score.
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Checking your Experian credit report by using the CreditExpert service is a good way to protect against identity fraud. The service gives you unlimited online access to conduct your personal Experian credit check at any time, thus ensuring that you are always aware of your financial status. Get Experian CreditExpert Now

What is the cost of the Experian CreditExpert Service?

Experian Credit Expert membership offers a free 30 day trial including unlimited access to your free credit report. From the end of your trial period, membership is billed to your payment card at £6.99 per month. CreditExpert accepts Visa, Maestro or Mastercard. Once you've become a member of the Experian CreditExpert service you can purchase your Experian Credit Score / Credit Rating for an additional one-off fee of £5.95.

Why Should I Check My Credit Report?

Lenders, retailers, telecoms companies and insurance providers will check your credit history when you apply for services or purchase goods. The contents of your report will affect whether or not you get the loan, mortgage, credit card, insurance, store purchase or mobile phone you applied for. It will also affect the rate of interest or fees that you are charged. In order to ensure you can get affordable credit when you need it, it's crucial that your credit history is up to date and accurate. Only by checking your credit history will you be able to discover if there is any inaccurate information on your report such as incorrect filings from previous creditors, wrong addresses, or discover you are the victim of identity fraud. If you do discover such information, you can then liaise with the credit reference agency and any other parties concerned in order to have such information corrected.


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