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Save yourself money on a credit check with Equifax UK without the need for a Voucher Code

• Equifax are giving money off access to your personal credit file, with one month of free access.
• Instant online access to view the information filed on you by lenders without the need for a coupon. 
• Expert tips from Equifax to help you improve your credit report.
• ZERO COST ACCESS for 30 days - No need to input a Voucher Code at the point of purchase.

This free credit report service is being provided by Equifax throughout 2012. Simply click the links provided to obtain your free credit file from Equifax. There is no need to key in a discount code, or coupon and there is currently no expiry date set on this deal, so pass information on this site on to your friends! Order your credit report online here for free and get your credit rating in shape for 2012.

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What is the Voucher Code For The Free Credit Report from Equifax?

If you click through the links on this page, then you do not need to enter a promotion code, money off code, or voucher code in order to receive a free credit report. Upon registering with Equifax, you will automatically receive zero cost access to their service for a period of 30 days.

By utilising this service, consumers are able to gain an insight into the way creditors are viewing their financial circumstances without incurring any cost. This valuable insight can put you in the right direction to minimising your credit risk and aid you in managing your financial circumstances more effectively.

The free credit report provides an excellent insight into your credit file and also provides a credit monitoring service. All of this is provided on a £0 trial basis for 30 days. If you are interested in finding out what your credit score is, you can also purchase a copy of your Equifax credit score (via the credit rating service) at a discounted rate.

Is This The Same Service The Promotional Code Websites Offer?

We are aware of numerous promotion code and voucher code websites offering access to the same service. The difference with us is that there is no voucher code to key in. Also, there is no expiry date on when you can access this free credit report service, as you don't need a promo code to access it. This free service from Equifax will be valid for the whole of 2012 and unless we publicise otherwise, it will likely be valid right through until 2012 and beyond.

Viewing My Credit Information

You can then login to the Equifax Member Centre (online) any time to check your personal credit file. You can view your credit file an unlimited number of times, you are provided with some other handy little extras. These extras include weekly alerts of key changes to the information held by Equifax, an online dispute resolution facility, as well as tips and advice on ways to make improvements to your credit file.

Should you have any questions regarding your subscription to the Equifax free credit report service, you can phone their customer care team between 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday (you will find the relevant phone number within the Member Centre when you are logged in to the service).

Will Who Can Check My Personal Credit Report?

A range of organisations will view your credit report, or at least parts of your credit report. Such organisations include lenders, employers, landlords, and other service providers (such as phone operators and insurance companies). Any organisations checking your credit report will need to have some sort of relationship with you. For example, a financial relationship through the provision of services, or loans, or some other sort of relationship where your prior approval has been sort You’re your relationship with a prospective employer. These companies won’t get the same zero cost access that you are able to receive with this particular service

Are There Any Additional Costs?

The money off period with this service is solely for the first month of use. The credit report provides you with unlimited access to your credit report on a no obligation trial basis at zero cost for 30 days. If you continue using this service after the 30 day discounted period then you will need to pay a fee of £6.99 per month. This ensures that you continue to have unlimited access to all of the functions offered in the trial so that you can continue to maintain a healthy credit file.

When To Check Your Personal Credit File

We highly recommend that you check your credit file on a regular basis. With unlimited access to view your file for the first 30 days at zero cost, there really is no excuse for you not to check it on a regular basis.

By ordering your FREE Report you can eliminate any issues that could occur with your credit file before they have an opportunity to cause you any problems. In fact, they have thrown in an online dispute resolution facility as part of the online credit report service purely for this purposes. Make use of this zero cost service and check your report prior to commencing new financial arrangements such as taking out a loan, getting a credit card, mortgage, phone, or commencing a new job

Many people continue with the use of the credit monitoring service after the promotional period has expired in order to ensure that their personal credit reports are kept in order. The reason for this is that it creditors file information on a monthly basis. By using the Equifax service beyond the promo period, users of the service can keep track of any changes made by lenders after the free initial period has expired.

Get Your Equifax Voucher Code Now

Follow through the link below and you will not need to input a code. A voucher is automatically applied so that you are able to get a free one month trial on your Equifax Credit Report.

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Order Your Free Credit Report Online Now

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