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• Instant online access to your latest Equifax credit file: 1 FREE credit report, with discounts on further credit reports.
Identity Watch Monitoring alerts sent to you automatically within 7 days of key changes to your Equifax report.
• Ability to receive alert notifications direct to your mobile.
• You are provided with full Identity Watch support from the Equifax Customer Care Team.
• Equifax newsletters packed with tips and advice to help maintain a good credit file (optional).

Equifax Identiy Watch is one of the best ways to combat identity theft and identity fraud. The Equifax Identity Watch service automatically checks and monitors your personal credit file and alerts you within 7 days of key changes to it such as someone trying to access credit in your name. Protect yourself from identity fraud by using this service. Get Identity Watch Monitoring Now

Who is Equifax Identity Watch for?
Equifax Identity Watch is a credity monitoring service designed for those concerned with the risk of identity fraud. This means that the service is suitable for individuals who want to keep on top of managing their personal credit report, but aren't prepared to invest a little more to use credit watch gold which provides speedier alert notifications.

What Protection Does Equifax Identity Watch Offer?
Equifax Identity Watch provides you with one free credit report online. When you wish to carry out further Equifax credit checks you will receive a discount on all Equifax credit reports purchased. Every time you purchase an Equifax credit report via the Identity Watch service, it will be archived online. This allows you to check back and view how your Equifax credit history has changed over a period of time.

Equifax Identity Watch provides you with a complete change history of your personal credit data. This enables you to pickup on any changes that may have occured as a result of your personal details being stolen and used for identity fraud. Equifax monitoring alerts will notify you of all changes to your Equifax credit report within 7 days of those changes occurring. You have the option to receive credit monitoring alerts via text message, or email. Understanding the changes on your credit report can help you to prevent identity fraud from affecting you.

You can contact the Equifax customer care team to discuss any aspects of the Identity Watch service and to get the best personalised advice on your Equifax credit report, thus helping you to improve your credit rating, maintain an impeccable credit score, or even to protect against identity theft and identity fraud.

You have the option to receive a regular newsletter from Equifax. The Equifax newsletters are packed with tips and advice to assist you in avoiding becoming a victim of identity fraud and to protect an impecable credit record.

What Information Does Equifax Identity Watch Provide?
When you login to the Equifax Credit Watch service, the first thing you will see is a summary panel. This enables you to make amendments to your alert preferences, shows you whether there are any new alerts and allows you to check your personal credit report.

Equifax Identity Watch allows you to check your credit report an unlimited number of times (it should be noted that credit reports will be charged to you, but will be done so at a discounted rate). Every time you conduct a credit check, a credit report for that date will be archived online. Archived credit reports do not update and remain viewable for 12 months. Maintaining an archive of credit reports allows you to establish how your credit file has changed over a period of time.

Equifax Identity Watch monitors the way your credit profile has changed at a detailed level. Whenever entries on your credit file are updated, you will receive an alert to notify you of this change. This alert notification will be sent to you within 7 days of the entry appearing on your personal credit file. The types of data that you can receive notification of include:

Credit Searches: These detail the applications you (or identity fraudsters) have made for credit or services.
Credit Agreement Details: Various information is filed in relation to your credit agreements. This includes: monthly filings of your repayment data, details of any credit limit changes, notifications of defaults and flagging up whether any of your credit accounts haven’t been used for a long time (are dormant).
Electoral Roll Data: Information provided by your local authority confirms your address by your presence on the electoral roll
Linked Addresses: Provides addresses where you have applied for credit and/or have held credit accounts. Any addresses appearing that do not relate to you could indicate attempted identity theft.
Court Data: This details any judgements / decrees against people in relation to recovery of money.
CML (Council of Mortgage Lenders) Data: Information on people who have voluntarily given up their homes or had them repossessed.
CIFAS: Notifications placed on file by lenders when your personal information has been misused – this could signify cases of suspected fraud.
Notice Of Dispute / Notice Of Correction: These notifications show that you have added text to your credit file to have certain circumstances investigated or to explain occurrences within your credit file.
GAIN (Gone Away Information Network) Data: Information relating to people that have moved home but have not notified lenders of the move.
Account Caution Flag: Accounts that are current, (up-to-date with repayments) can be given a caution flag if there is a risk that may impact future repayments.

Why Choose to use Equifax Identity Watch

Identity fraud is a concern for all of us, with levels of identity fraud on the rise. With the impact of the credit crunch, the availability of sources of credit has lessened across the UK. Fraudsters will be looking harder at the way to steal personal details of those that are able to access credit. The ideal person for an identity fraudster to steal personal details from would be a person that doesn't check their credit report regularly, as this could enable the identity fraud to go un-noticed. Don't let identity fraud have an impact on you! Monitor your credit file so that you can pickup on any key changes to it so that no money is stolen, no further sources of credit are taken out in your name and no damage is done to your personal credit report. Prevent identity fraud from adversely impacting you - Act now!

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