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Equifax Credit Rating™ includes your Equifax Credit Score. Your credit rating also gives you free advice on how you can improve your credit score. This can help you to obtain lower rates of interest when entering new financial commitments when you are ready to take ownership of your next purchase.
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Equifax Credit Rating

Equifax compile your private credit information and public information to form your credit file. Each area within your credit file (otherwise known as a credit report) is given a score based upon a number of factors. The scores from each area of your credit report are then added together in order to compile your overall Equifax Credit Score. Equifax credit rating provides you with your credit report, shows you how your credit score is calculated and gives you your overall credit score.

What Information Is Shown In My Credit Rating?

Your Equifax Credit Rating is a clear and concise measurement as to how good your credit standing is. It displays your personal credit score, which can range anywhere from 0 to 900 (zero demonstrating a low credit score and nine hundred representing a high credit score). A low credit score would indicate that you represent a high credit risk (a poor candidate to extend credit terms to), whereas a high credit score indicates that you pose a low credit risk and are a good candidate to offer credit terms to.

In addition to showing your credit score it also gives information regarding the factors that have made up your credit score. These factors include details of your previous / existing credit agreements, whether you are on the electoral roll, details of any credit searches that have been carried out on you, as well as information relating to any civil court cases you have been involved in.

Each section of your credit rating is given clear descriptions to backup the reasoning for your credit score and is coded using a traffic light scale to indicate whether aspects of your credit rating are satisfactory (green), are a warning sign (amber), a danger sign (red) or whether aspects of your credit file do not apply to compiling your Equifax credit rating.

What is a Good Equifax Credit Score?

The best possible Equifax Score is 900. An Equifax credit score of 900 would represent a perfect credit history. As per the scale below, you can see that any Equifax score from 475 – 900 is considered to be excellent, whilst a score between 400 – 474 is considered to be a good one.

Equifax Credit Score Scale

How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

Throughout your credit rating, Equifax give advice as to how you can improve your credit score. The detail on how to improve your credit score is bespoke to every individual person, as everyone will have different information and different flaws in their credit rating. Therefore, the only true way to understand how to improve your credit score is to order a copy of your Equifax Credit Rating.

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Get your Equifax Credit Rating & Credit Score

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