Debt Sale / Debt Purchase

Debt sale and purchase is a growing market in the UK and is something that can be effectively used as an alternative to debt collection, or to compliment debt recovery processes. By selling debt, you can get an instant cash injection against your asset, rather than having to wait for cash to be collected, as is the case with normal debt collection processes.

At The Credit Agency, we understand that the reputation of your business is our Number 1 priority, which is why we ensure that debts sold via us are only purchased by the most professional debt collection agencies, and we have an insistance that they are members of the DBSG (Debt Buyers and Sellers Group). We also ensure that your debts are collected by the most competent debt collectors, so that when businesses are dealing with your past or present clients, your reputation will never suffer.

We aim to get you the most competitive rates when selling your debts! This is something that we are able to achieve due to the volumes of debts that are sold to the collection agencies that we use.

We are only able to assist with debt sales that consist of multiple debts (50 cases or more) and where the total portfolio is valued over £250,000. Debts must also be owed to registered companies. We are not able to assist in the sale of one off cases, or debts owed to individuals.

To sell your debt, place the details of your debt portfolio in an We will then contact you within 48 hours of placement of the debt with us (this may be longer at weekends) to confirm that we are able to look to sell the debt for to a UK Debt Purchase / Collection Agency, at rates which we will agree on your behalf. You should note that the Debt Collection / Debt Purchase Agency will not progress with collections activity until you confirm with us that you are satisfied with the arragement.

Please use the links we have provided to the right to find out more about the debt sale and purchase market and how this market may be of use to you if you have a portfolio of debt to sell, or if you are looking to buy debt.

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