How Long Is Information Held On My Credit Report

Information is held on your personal credit report from a variety of sources. Each piece of information on your credit report is categorised, with the different categorisations being held on your credit report for a different length of time. We have listed each of the types of credit information below, along with the length of time that the pieces of credit information will appear on your credit report for. Where there are differences between the length of time that information is held between the 3 UK credit reference agencies (Equifax, Experian & CallCredit), we have included the detail below:

Credit Account Information (including payment performance) is held for the lifetime of the account and then for a further six years from the date the account was settled or closed. A defaulted account will remain on your credit report for six years from the date of the default. When the debt is repaid, the entry on your credit report should be marked as settled or satisfied. This six year period is a reflective of the statute of limitations.

Credit Search Information (where credit grantors / lenders have conducted a search on your credit file) is held for 12 months at Experian and Equifax, whereas this credit search data is held on your personal credit file for 24 months at Callcredit.

Electoral Roll information is held on your credit report indefinitely.

Public Information i.e. CCJs, Court Decrees, Bankruptcies, IVA's, Administration Orders etc. are held on your personal credit report for six years from the date they begin, unless set aside or recalled by the courts.

Repossessions are held on the register for 6 years after the date of the notification of the repossession.

Gone Away Information; Otherwise known as GAIN ( Gone Away Information Network) is held on your personal credit report for 6 years from the date that the gone away notice was filed.

Notice of Disassociation is held on your credit report is held on your file until you request the notification to be taken off, or until their is information that contradicts this disassociation, whereby the disassociation notice will be removed automatically (you will still be financially associated with the other party).

Notice of dispute is held on your credit report until you ask for it to be taken off your credit file, or until the dispute is resolved.

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