Financial Disassociation

A financial disassociation is a method of removing a financial connection between yourself and any other people that are appearing as financially connected with you on your personal credit report.

Here we provide information explaining how financial connections arise and how to remove those financial associations with each of the 3 UK credit reference agencies (Equifax, Experian and Callcredit). Links to each of the relevant financial disassociation forms are provided at the bottom of this page.

What are Financial Connections?

Your personal credit report will show the names of any people with whom you are believed to have a financial connection in the 'Association Section'. These associations can occur for a variety of reasons:

• You have made a joint credit application with someone in the past.
• You have held a joint account with someone else in the past.
• You have had a joint judgment obtained against you and someone else in the past.
• Associations can also arise from information that you have given to credit reference agencies or lenders.

Although a financial association may be taken into account when you are making an application for credit, it is important to note that the credit information of the person that is financially associated to you will not appear on your personal credit report.

Your credit report will also show the names of other people registered to vote at your address (picked up from electoral roll information). This will not include their financial information. Lenders will only see this information if it is relevant to the credit application that they receive.

If there is a financial connection between you and other people living at your address, this will also show in the 'Associations Section' of your credit report.

Should I Have a Financial Association

Financial situations should not occur if you have never had a financial relationship with a particular person. In those instances, you will need to contact the credit reference agencies (Equifax, Experian & Callcredit) to get the information removed from your credit report.

Financial associations are not created as a result of you being 'Business Partners' with someone. There must be a financial connection on a personal level for an association to appear on your credit file.

When to Remove a Financial Association

If you no longer (or never had have) a financial connection with a person, then we would recommend getting that financial association removed from your personal credit report. Common instances where you should look at removing a financial connection include:

• You have noticed another persons financial information incorrectly appearing on your credit report.
• You have divorced or separated from someone. You must no longer be at the same address as them and hold joint credit arrangements or bank accounts

Financial Disassociation Forms

You can use the forms below in order to remove any financial connection with another person. These forms all open in Adobe Acrobat. You will need to complete these forms for all 3 of the credit reference agencies as they each hold different credit data!

Experian Financial Disassociation Form.
Equifax Notice of Disassociation Form.
Callcredit Disassociation Request Form.

The credit reference agencies have up to 28 days to complete the process of adding a notice of disassociation to your credit file.

We highly recommend signing up to personal credit monitoring services so that you are able to keep up-to-date with changes to your personal credit file (including seeing when a financial disassociation has been added to your credit file). Use the links below to order a credit monitoring service:

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