Check My UK Credit Report Online

We've teamed up with the UK's market leading credit reference agencies so that we can provide you with a fantastic range of services that enable you to check, monitor and improve your personal credit report. What's more, all of these services are available to you online!

We appreciate that everyone has differing requirements when it comes to using personal credit checking services. In order to assist you in choosing the right product for your requirements, we have provided a wealth of information on each of the credit reference agency services available.

The most popular ways to check credit reports online that we have on offer are summarised below. Use the links provided to learn more about what each service offers and to start gaining the benefit of using them to improve your credit rating and protect yourself from identity fraud.

Free Equifax Credit Report

An Equifax credit report provides you with a snapshot of your personal credit history as it stands at the time of orderingt. Access to this service is provided online. Read more about Equifax Credit Report and order your copy. Equifax will provide you with free access to the credit file for 30 days after registration.

Equifax Credit Watch Gold Monitoring

This personal credit file monitoring service from Equifax provides you with a FREE 30 day trial period, in which time you have unlimited online access to your personal credit reports and are provided with monitoring update notifications within 24 hours of each change to your personal credit history. Read more about Equifax Credit Watch Gold and start gaining the benefits of monitoring your personal credit file.

Experian CreditExpert Free Service

The personal free credit report monitoring service from Experian. This service offers a FREE 30 day trial period. The full service provides you with weekly alerts of significant changes to your personal Experian credit report. You can check Experian Credit Expert online an unlimited number of times. Read more about Experian CreditExpert and start monitoring your Experian file.

Equifax Credit Rating

This service from Equifax provides you with a copy of your personal Equifax score. An Equifax credit score can range from 0 - 900. A higher credit score indicates you are likely to be a better candidate for credit. With your Equifax Credit Rating you also get a copy of your personal credit report.

Experian Credit Score

Only Members of the Experian CreditExpert monitoring service are able to purchase their personal Experian Credit Score. The Experian credit score is a numerical display of your level of credit risk. A higher score represents a lower credit risk. Experian scores range from 0 - 999.

Equifax Identity Watch Monitoring Service

A credit monitoring service from Equifax, specifically developed for those concerned with the risk of identity theft & identity fraud. With this service you receive one Equifax credit file (with discounts on further Equifax reports). You then receive alert notifications within 7 days of key changes to your Equifax credit history. Read more about Equifax Identity Watch and start gaining the benefits of this service.

Statutory Credit Report - £2

All UK Credit Reference Agencies offer the statutory credit report service. This is the most basic of all personal credit status products. You can order statutory credit reports for a small fee.

Learn More About Personal Credit Status

Accessing your credit file and signing up to credit monitoring services is one thing, but making the most of your credit status and improving your credit score is a whole other ball game. We've put together a number of articles to help dispel many of the myths regarding personal credit reports, to help you better understand UK credit reference agency services and to put you on the way to managing your credit record in the best possible way.

Order Experian Credit Report Now

Want to order a personal credit report service: Use the links below to place your order with Experian & Equifax:

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