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Credit plays a huge part in todays society. Businesses make the majority of their day to day purchases on credit terms and consumers regularly rely on credit for large purchases and subscriptions to services. The availability of sources of credit for consumers and businesses to fund these purchases comes down to one simple thing - Credit Worthniess. The start point for assessing credit worthiness of companies and individuals is the Credit Report.

When it comes to credit reports, we at The Credit Agency have 2 simple goals; The first of these goals is to provide quality information regarding credit information products and how to make the best use of them. The second goal is to provide easy to use, online access to quality services.

Consumer Credit Report Services:

When it comes to personal credit reports we've teamed up with two top credit reference agencies in the form of Equifax and Experian. They are market leaders in the UK and have the largest amount of credit information filed on UK individuals. To find the right personal credit report service for your needs use this link where you will find a list of personal credit report services available via this website.

Understanding Personal Credit Reports (Articles):

We've put together a range of articles on personal credit reports so that you can make the most of the online credit checking services. These articles should answer many of the questions that you may have regarding the use of personal credit files. Use this link to view the personal credit report articles on this site.

Company Credit Checking Services:

For business checking services, we've teamed up with 2 quality business credit information providers in the form of Graydon and UK Data. Both of these organisations provide simple to use, online, high quality business credit report services. This link will enable you to carry out company credit checks.

The Use of Company Credit Reports (Articles):

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to check out the financial position of a company. In order to help guide you through the business checking process we have put together a range of articles on this subject. Use this link to find a range of articles on the use of company credit reports.

ORDER A CREDIT FILE: Use the links below to place your order with Experian, Equifax, Graydon & UK Data.

Equifax UK Signup for services with Equifax, get your Credit Rating and use Credit Watch Gold Monitoring: Use Equifax Now!

Experian CreditExpert Personal Credit Report & Monitoring Service From Experian. Order Experian CreditExpert!

Graydon Order UK and International Business Reports From Graydon. Order Graydon Services!

UK Data Order UK & International Company Credit Information from UK Data: Use UK Data Now!

UK Data Credit Information Carry out a Company Director Check with UK Data: Check Company Director Now!

The Credit Agency LEARN more about Company Credit Reports and how to use them: Company Credit Report Articles!

The Credit Agency UK LEARN more about Personal Credit Files, the way lenders use them and how to Improve Your Credit Score: Personal Credit Report Articles !