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We are a reference point to a wealth of credit information for businesses and consumers. Use our credit information so you can understand how to manage credit processes effectively and improve your credit position. Then use the credit management services on offer to make the most of the information you have gathered from us.

At The Credit Agency UK we only work with the finest credit management service providers in the industry. We will provide you with the best services. If our services are of interest to you, please feel free to get in contact with us.

Get a Free Credit Report from Equifax UK

Equifax continue to offer a Free Credit Report to all UK residents. Check your free Equifax credit report online here and get your credit rating in shape for 2014

How Good is Your Personal Credit Score?

Compare what credit score and credit rating services offer. Then order your personal credit score with Equifax or Experian online here to find out how good your credit rating is!

Personal Credit Reports

Check your personal free credit report online

Would you like to get a loan, mortgage, or enter some other credit agreement? Is there something that you’d been looking to purchase? Suppliers will use a credit reference agency to credit check you in these situations. Check your personal credit report before they do so that you have the power to get the best deals. We provide free credit reports, credit ratings and credit monitoring with free access to Experian and Equifax credit report services.

Company Credit Reports

Check company credit reports

Do you supply products or services to businesses? With many businesses struggling in the current economic climate it’s even more important to protect your company’s financial position. Check what financial direction the companies you are dealing with (& wish to deal with) are moving in with a company credit report. You can then take the right action to grow your business & secure your financial position. Graydon & UK Data services online here.

Collections Outsourcing

Outsource the functions of your collections department

How is the liquidity of your sales ledger? Do you easily turn outstanding invoices into cash? How long does it take you to realise the cash value of this asset, and at what cost? Your credit control department should employ the most effective collections processes to get the best value for your business. Learn those techniques here. Outsourcing credit control and your collections process to a specialist agency could also be the answer.

Debt Sale & Debt Purchase

Sell and Purchase portfolios of debt

Want to realise an instant cash value of any sales ledger asset? Debt can be sold (assigned) from early arrears through to the charged off delinquent stage. Debt can be sold on a one off (spot sale), or forward flow (rolling contract basis). Discover whether debt sale is a viable option for you and how you can get the best value from the debt purchase process. Please note that we can only assist with portfolios valued over £250,000.

Debt Collection Services

Manage your debt collection processes effectively

Are customers are not paying you? Do you feel there’s a chance the debts may go bad and need to be written off? Learn debt collection techniques here. Using an experienced Debt Collection Agency to manage debt recovery (contingency collections) on your behalf will also enhance your ability to realise the liquidity of outstanding accounts. The Credit Agency will assist you in choosing the right supplier for your debt collection needs.

Invoice Finance

Raise cash against your sales ledger with Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Do you invoice your customers on credit terms? Would you like to increase the cash flow of your business to fund developmental projects and growth? How about a funding package that automatically grows as your business does? Invoice Finance (Invoice Discounting or Factoring) could be the solution for your business. Funding can be confidential, whilst also giving the opportunity to outsource your collections activity.